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Books Review

Posted by Bash Shay on May 24, 2007

For the last two weeks, me and my family have been buying all the motivational financial books including Robert. T Kiyosaki book. I have read his first book that is Rich Dad Poor Dad. The books is a wake-up call book for many people who just working for someone and did not have any financial freedom. The book open my mind on how to earn money through other Halal and legal source.

For someone to become rich, they must change their mindset from Poor people to rich people mind. Robert talks about his two fathers advice that represent two mindset of people around you. I am recommending this book to all of readers. It is a must read book and for a teenager like me, it is very useful.

Referring to the last post, i think this book change my father mind from becoming the employee of PJH to become a financial planner.

The rich become rich from their mind and not from their money


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AC win

Posted by Bash Shay on May 24, 2007

Milan got their revenge at last by beating Liverpool in the EUROPEAN CHAMPIONS LEAGUE final this morning in Malaysian time. I am not the fan for both team and the regular reader will know that.

Earlier I have sense that Milan will won just because they have Kaka and want to revenge their defeat last 2 season. Some people will say that Milan did not deserve to win because the scandal that happen to Italy football last year that involving their club but I think the scandal make Italy football grow stronger. They won the World Cup Final last year and their representative club, Milan won them the European Champions League Cup.

My latest new is that I may look into the prospect of becoming a Financial Planner to help other people solve their financial misery. I look into that prospect because my father make a live changing decision to not renew the contract with Putrajaya Holding and becoming a Financial Planner.

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No Post

Posted by Bash Shay on May 16, 2007

Every time I want to post something in this blog, I went mental block but when there is no internet or when I lie on my bed waiting to sleep, every idea and content come to my mind. It makes me want to create some kind of gadget that can record somebody memory when some idea come and it can be review later when he want to post something. Right now, there no memory what so ever on what I want to post when I’m in bed last night.

I think I can post around 10 content using that memory but I cannot remember it.

Right now I’m so tired and want to go to sleep. But I will be ready with pen and paper to write what any idea that came out when I’m on bed.

So long. And hopefully I can post around 5 content tomorrow 🙂

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A blogger wishlist

Posted by Bash Shay on May 11, 2007

As a beginner, I have read a lot of successful story on how people make money on the Internet. Whether you sell any product, become an affiliate, review someone blog or just paste adsense code on the blog. Some of them can rake in thousand of dollars every month and for me as a student, a thousand US Dollar per month is quite a lot though I will still want more. A lot of beginner like me wish that they can do something like that, something that Darren Rowse achieve, something that JohnChow can do, even DarylLau can achieve.

So this is my wishlist so I can emulate them:

  • Having a good domain name
  • Hosting my own blog
  • A good brain power so I can write at least one post per day
  • A good flow of traffic
  • More free link back
  • A credit card so I can request for ReviewMe
  • Advertise using AdWords
  • A great blog template

Thats all I think. Hope I can emulate their success.

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PageRank 3

Posted by Bash Shay on May 11, 2007

Just now that I discover that my blog achieve PageRank three. But when I click the backward link button, it only show one blog though I am sure that at least 6-7 different blog give a back link to me. But gaining a PageRank 3 is a very good achievement to me considering that I still new in this blogging thing and still learning.

Right now I am learning how to drive a good traffic from other site and putting the right keywords.
MalayTeenMind blog current template is dull and I want to search a good, simple and usable template. Right now I am encouraging everyone in my family to take up blogging. Just for fun and giving out some useful tips and informations that can benefit others. Right now my father just starting a financial blog called Financial Plan & Products. The reason he wants to blog is to share his experience in Financial Planning with other readers especially Malaysian and Malay and doing some review on financial product that can be a great financial tools in Malaysia.

I can see in a year, my blog can fetch at least 50 unique visitor per day and finally receive my first cheque from Google.

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Bowling Improvement

Posted by Bash Shay on May 9, 2007

I have made some improvement on my bowling game. Right now my high score is around 130 but I want to achieve more. So I went on to search for bowling lesson on how to improve my score in the internet but just the crap shows up. Well, it means that I have to learn from the expert.

One tips that I thing is really useful is that ‘aiming is much more important than power’. Before this, I throwing the ball like mad, using my full swing power and ended up with low score and an arm that really ache.

Another bowling tips that are really useful is aiming for the 1st pin. This is really true and I knew that all people who plays bowling knows this simple rule.

Right now, my budget is tight and I play bowling less. What I need is practices.

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